Women Empowerment

  1. To open Women Co-operative Society.
  2. Give the job for Woman in Garment.
  3. Minority Woman Leadership Training.
  4. Skill Development Trainings.
  5. To open the woman University.
  6. To open the all colleges to woman.
  7. Providing education to then aware of their socio-economic and political rights and duties.
  8. To encourage and constitute self-help groups among women so as to increase of saving attitude and self-help concept.
  9. To training and guidance of women’s self-employment, small industries, handy crafts and other making.
  10. To encourage and identification of women’s music, dance, sports and traditional Arts.
  11. To organize self-employment trainings through Government departments of other NGO’s or direct through the society or the women.
  12. To organize and supporting women welfare organization and S.H.G.S.