Who we are

Adarsh Foundation was founded in 2006 by Mr. M.S.Nadaf as an organization dedicated towards environment protection & rural development. Adarsh specializes in working with the most deprived, vulnerable & poverty struck people in Karnataka state. Adarsh foundation strives to create opportunities for better livelihood with particular focus on up scaling the skill quotient of the youth, women’s empowerment, health, education and environment conservation.

Brief History

Adarsh foundation started initially as a successful EDP programmeon a cluster basis to develop the idea and secure the support of other vocational training institutes. Particular attention was given to imparting skill development programme in the region to school dropouts, retrenched workers, unemployed/underemployed youth, and women with other key stake holders – government(central and state), industries & companies (CSR activities), other vocational training institutes with the objective of providing suitable employment opportunities.

Adarsh has been committed to the development of rural population. Adarsh’s activities range from awareness creation to stimulate small savings, preventive health care, sanitation, women empowerment, empowerment of minority community, environment conservation, agriculture, soil & water conservation, afforestation, vocational training, preservation of rural folklore art,empowering rural artisans, relief and rehabitation during natural calamities / disasters/ accidents.

Adarsh has been working as a catalyst to bring sustainable change in the lives of the underprivileged. Adarsh also serves the educational needs through institutes and affiliations providing full time and crash courses. Adarsh has gradually evolved consolidating and refining its programme to find a niche in the region.

Training & Placement last 3 Years

Trained Placement
Year Male Female Total Placement Self Employment Total %
2012-13 244 1105 1349 823 300 1123 83.24685
2013-14 1401 2915 4316 3472 216 3688 85.44949
2014-15 5514 5274 10787 8766 430 9196 85.25076
Total 7159 9294 16452 13061 946 14007 84.64903