Head office implementation Team

S No Name of the trainer  / Demonstrate / Operation / Supporting Staff Designation Academic Qualification Industry Experience
1. M S Nadaf President MSW Served as Organization (6 Institutes successful running and Top administration Skill)
2. Savita.M GM Manager M.Sc Served as Head of Organization (VETA-Bangalore) for Soft Skill Development and English Learning
3. Abhishek K Skill Head MBA Excellence in Project Coordination and Program Management
4. Anwar.K. Mujavar HR Manager MSW, MA, M.Phil Served as a research Scholar and District Project Coordinator-Karnataka Health Promotion Trust
5. M Kumaraswamy Content Experts & Master Trainer BE, MIE, HUI(USA) All Trades
6. Padmavati.Badiger Skill Exports DMC(CCT) Textile Sector Trainer
7. Parveen PR Manager & MIS Complainces Diploma in Computer(B.C.A) Computer Literacy and Information Technology Trainer
8. Radha B G Placement Manager MSW M.Phil Trust Building, Confidence Building and Cleanliness Trainer
9. Noor Mahamed R.K Accountant M.Com Financial Management
10. Shridevi G Awari Regional Co-ordinator M.Com Human Resource Management and Organizational Management Trainer
11. Sumitra Gosabal Data Entry Operator B.Com Institute Data Entry 2 years Experience in Bangalore
1. Pushapa.M.Mullur Master Trainer in Soft Skills & Life Skills Trainer M.B.A Soft Skill , Financial Management Trainer
2. Anjana Badiger Master Trainer in Computer Trainer B.A B.Ed & DCS Computer Literacy and Information Technology Trainer
3. Shameenabegaum.F.Nadaf Master Trainer in Soft Skills & Life Skills MSW(HR) Personality Development Trainer
4. Laxmibai Badiger Master Trainer in Garments TTrainer Diploma Fashion Designing Textile Sector Trainer
5. Geetashree S Master Trainer in Designer Trainer PUC & Fashion Textile Sector Trainer