Community Development

  1. To open the Readymade Garment Cluster, Powerloom Cluster, Handloom Cluster, Food processing Cluster, Ayurvedic Cluster etc.,
  2. To open Readymade Khadi Cluster
  3. Creating awareness among community people regarding personal hygiene and other Disease.
  4. To open family counseling center through to services family programmes and support and awareness of family life.
  5. To opening old age home for the unprotected older.
  6. Providing formal/non-formal education to community people to linerese their literacy rate.
  7. To encourage and helping the community culture, Arts, Sports other useful activities.
  8. To employment programmes among the community unemployed through degrease their unemployment rate.
  9. To Start of some projects of environment protection, sanitation, water conservation etc.,
  10. To start of some programmes tribal community of their socio-economic, political improvements.
  11. To see that basic human needs are provide for in tribal community areas.
  12. To promote and extend legal Aid, legal Education among the community people.
  13. To awareness above the slum clearness housing problem & Pure drinking water for urban community.