Bird Power loom Development Cluster

Power loom

India manufactures 5% of cloth through organized sector, 20% through Handloom sector, 15% through knitting sector and 60% of Indian cloth is produced through decentralized Powerloom sector.

The decentralized power loom sector is the lifeline of Indian Textile Industry. India is having approximately 19.42 lakhs of power looms weaving almost 19,000 million meters of fabric, and provides employment to more than 7 million workers. The industry now produces wide range of fabrics ranging from grey, printed fabric, dyed fabric, cotton fabric, various mix of cotton, synthetic, and other fibres. The country exports Rs. 44,000 million worth of goods to countries like U.S.A., France, Germany, Bangladesh, Hong Kong, Italy etc.

Although the growth of power loom industry was slow initially; it has started gearing up now. Number of shuttle less looms has augmented to almost 50,000 and from this about 35,000 looms are working in the decentralized sector.

Traditional, yet funky are the ever green and ever fashionable Ilakal Sari and Traditional Sari. Almost every woman Love to have Traditional Sari collection and one can get enough colors, designs and styles, readily available throughout India and beyond due to their popularity and demand. This DPR concentrates on Powerloom cluster in and around Ramdurga town in Belgaum district. This Taluk is been noted from Dr. Nanjudappa Report as one of the most Backward Taluks in Karnataka Artisans, who were mainly from the Taluk of Ramdurga mastered this Sari making art.

Executive Summary

Power loom

There are about more than 10,000 micro and small units in the cluster and majority of them weavers community and some of them are from SC and Minority, all are very hard working not getting identity of their own. The cluster members are adopting traditional method of manufacturing Ilakal, Zakard, Butta, Plane check and plane sarees. Bath Towel, Lungi Blouse piece Patakha etc. using normal looms. Therefore, the output is very slow and small compared to huge market demand.Raw material is procured from nearby big town through agents, thus at higher cost. In order to solve the problems of the cluster a special purpose vehicle is established as “Bird Powerloom Development Association”. The state government in association with the MSME-DI Belgaum has motivated the industries to form the cluster. The SPV has appointed IdeaCoE Tech Pvt. Ltd. to prepare the DSR and DPR for cluster and help organize for necessary interventions based on Government approvals. The Diagnostic Study had suggested that the cluster need technological Support for the growth of the cluster and for socio-economic development of the region.

Cluster Map

One of the options in front of the Bird Power Loom Development Association society President has planned to lease his Land available at Ramadurga.

Power loom